I've not yet visited the bookstore, but now that I know well-behaved dogs of all breeds are welcome, I'll be sure to instruct my human to bring me by. He's bought books at your store about Border Collies so that he can learn more about me. My name is Rosie. I'm a Border Collie/Lab mix with maybe some Springer Spaniel for fun. I love to herd things. My human has a permit to hike at the Lake Penhollow Composting site. I especially enjoy going up there in the summer when the hay crop is being irrigated. There are deer every where. I consider it my personal responsibility to get those pests out of the field and keep the yields high. And when the deer aren't around chipmunks and squirrels are good substitutes. But I always walk on leash inside Sunriver because my human says I have to. I look forward to meeting you and the other dogs of Sunriver soon.