Ted Haynes - Sunriver Murders

Saturday August 10 at 5 PM Central Oregon author Ted Haynes presents his latest mystery, The Sunriver Murders.  Register to attend this free event by emailing sunriverbooks@sunriverbooks.com  Space is limited.  There will be drawings for prizes and refreshments.

It is fun to read books set in Central Oregon and especially entertaining to read a book centered in Sunriver.  The action goes from golf courses, to Sunriver Village, the Resort, the bike paths, Deschutes National Forest, Sunriver Airport, and other spots you may recognize.

On a quiet morning in Sunriver, a 77-year-old man pulled his silver Mercedes to the side of the road, got out, and was shot twice with a shotgun.  As Detective Carl Breuninger of the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Department arrived to take over the investigation, ably assisted by the excellent Sunriver Police Department, the how, why, and who of the shooting are unknown. A highly trained K9 is brought in to search for the weapon, determining that the gun was not left at the scene. In one of the houses overlooking the street a man lurks, searching for a way to leave without being noticed by the police.

Leon Martinez, a retired art teacher, is out for a morning of painting.  Happening across the flashing police lights, he decides to set his easel up in the adjacent woods and paint the scene.  His wife, Elizabeth Martinez, is playing in a golf tournament at the Woodlands Golf Course.  Leon and Elizabeth know Carl from earlier cases.  It will develop that Leon has connections to the victim and to the suspects. Connections that may turn out to be dangerous.

Sunriver is surrounded on two sides by the Deschutes National Forest, thus the community is aware of the danger from forest fire.  When a fire erupts the Sunriver Fire Department pulls out all the stops to battle the blaze. Fleeing residents block the roads.  But not everyone is trying to flee, a killer is on his way to the Martinez home intent on inflicting violence.

Have fun reading about a murder, Sunriver's excellent Police Department in action ably assisting lead investigator Deschutes County Sheriff's Detective Carl Breuninger and Sunriver's excellent Fire Department battling a blaze.  Lots of action, and lots of local places to spot. 

There are four more books in the series thus far: Suspects, The Mirror Pond Murders, Mt. Bachelor Murders, and Pole Pedal Murder.    

Suspects introduces Dan Martinez, a young lawyer who is at loose ends after losing his job at a Portland law firm.  Returning to his parent’s Central Oregon home, Dan spends the summer training for a triathlon.  Stopping by Candy Winterpol’s home, he finds her husband severely injured and dying on the porch steps.  Candy has been around since Dan’s childhood, she was one of his father’s art students.  Candy and Dan are prime suspects.  As a bright spot to Dan’s rather troubling summer, he meets Amy.  She is a bit taken aback to be dating a murder suspect, but they get over that initial bump in the road. 

The Mirror Pond Murders  has sunny professional prospects for Dan.  The Portland law firm is opening a branch in Bend, Dan is offered a position working under Sarah Chatham, a widow in her 60s.  A woman’s skeleton is found in Mirror Pond, there is a high probability she was Native American.  Sarah has represented the tribe for quite a while, she is contacted by Detective Jim Sorenson.  The skeleton spent years in the water, catching the killer is going to be tricky. The investigation includes a strange chapter in Oregon history, the Bhagwan and the town of Rajineeshpuram.

 The Mt. Bachelor Murders involves a murder from 1966 with personal significance to both Sarah and Dan. In 1966 on her 16th birthday Lisbeth Peterson went skiing with her father, Erik Peterson, and friend Sally Paulson. Lisbeth and Sally rode one chairlift, while her father rode another chairlift with a stranger tricked out in the latest skiing gear.  The girls were having fun, but when it was time to meet up by the chair lifts, Lisbeth’s father wasn’t there, not was he likely to ever be there, the ski patrol found him under the snow, murdered.   In 2018 Sally Paulson was a widowed attorney best known as Sarah Chatham and Lisbet Peterson had married Leon Martinez, Dan is their son.  Leon thinks he has found the killer and also discovered another murder.   Lots of history and intrigue in this mystery set on Central Oregon’s iconic Mt. Bachelor that waited over half a century to be solved.  Dan and Sarah make a powerful team!

The Pole Pedal Murders  takes the reader to one of Central Oregon’s most popular events.  The Pole, Pedal, Paddle races include skiing, bike racing, and paddling, an exciting event even before murder is thrown into the mix!  Detective Carl Breuninger is heading back to Bend after delivering Roland Lightfeather to prison when he gets the call from dispatch about a suspicious death. Wendy Whitlock was found by her teenage son hanging in their barn.  Her husband and son both vehemently deny Wendy would have committed suicide.  A few days before her death, Wendy hired Sarah Chathman to defend her in a tricky negotiation with her employer.  Wendy was training for Pole, Pedal, Paddle with a team of women including Amy Martinez, it seems unlikely she would commit suicide while training for the event.  And the race is on to find a killer! 

Event date: 

Saturday, August 10, 2024 - 5:00pm to 6:00pm

Event address: 

57100 Beaver Drive
Sunriver Village Building 25
Sunriver, OR 97707
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