Jane Kirkpatrick - Something Worth Doing

Saturday September 5 at 5 PM Jane Kirkpatrick presents Something Worth Doing, her latest northwest historical fiction.  The event will be via Zoom or similar online venue.  Please email sunriverbooks@sunriverbooks.com to sign up to attend.  Something Worth Doing releases September 1, purchasing from Sunriver Books would be appreciated, it helps.

Jane Kirkpatrick is known for writing the stories of real women from history whose contributions otherwise are forgotten.  They are strong women who face hardship and opposition straight on, in Abigail Scott Duniway she has a woman who embodies those characteristics perfectly. We are in a historic election year, Kamala Harris was just chosen to be the running mate of Joe Biden, perhaps soon to be the first woman Vice President.  For anyone having the least apprehension that a woman is not capable of leading, read about Abigail Scott Duniway and be disabused of that notion. 

In 1852 Abigail, known by her childhood nickname Jenny, crossed the country on the Oregon Trail with her family.  Her mother would not survive the journey.  Abigail was hired as a teacher in Oregon, wanted to relish her independence but it was not to be.  Her father’s circumstances dictated his daughters marry.  He picked a groom for Abigail’s older sister, but Abigail already had a beau, Ben Duniway.  Boy did she come up aces in finding a mate, Ben was a prince among men.  A mite impetuous, less cautious than his bride, and it took him a while to realize that although he was no slouch, she had the keener intellect.  But he got there, after causing some havoc along the way (you will have to read the book!). Ben loved three things with an abiding passion, his bride, his children, and horses.

Their fortunes rose and fell, but with Abigail’s acumen and determination they prospered.  If Abigail’s accomplishments ended with raising her children well, being a good teacher, and navigating the family to modest prosperity, that would have been remarkable enough.  But Abigail wanted to make a difference, she saw the way other women were treated, good women who were left penniless by feckless men, or beaten, or suffered any number of indignities.  It made her blood boil.  She didn’t agree that men should always make the decisions, or that society should look the other way when a man treated his wife cruelly.  She felt women should be able to share in the choices that affected their lives, should be able to hold property in their names, should be able to have careers.  And she made it happen! 

Abigail Scott Duniway became a force to be reckoned with in working for the rights of women.  Taking a huge risk, the family started a newspaper dedicated to promoting the rights of women and working toward gaining the right to vote.  And come November 3 women will be able to vote for a woman running to be Vice President of the USA.  Abigail would be delighted!

If you have been reading Jane Kirkpatrick’s novels, characters from her other books are sprinkled about for the observant reader to find.  While Something Worth Doing is about a woman who lived over a century ago, it is also a story for our times. 

Jane Kirkpatrick has an impressive number of books telling of women who contributed substantially to the settling of the west with writing that both entertains and enlightens.  Her devoted following have made her novels New York Time’s bestsellers.

One More River to Cross is set during winter in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in 1844, two years before the tragic events of the Donner Party. The Stevens-Murphy Group was one of the first wagon trains to attempt this crossing into California. The party separates into 3 groups, one going overland around Lake Tahoe, another staying with the wagons, and the larger group taking shelter in a cabin by the Yuba River as they all strive to survive the winter. This historic fiction is based on real events.

Several of Jane Kirkpatrick’s historical novels based on real women featured dangerous journeys. Everything She Didn’t Say presents a woman who might be considered the embodiment of strong. Feisty too. Carrie was from a well-respected east coast family, Robert Strahorn would not have been their first choice for a son-in-law. In 1877 Carrie married Robert and began a life of adventure traveling all over the west scouting for the railroad.

Two recent novels have remarkable women traveling the Oregon Trail. This Road We Traveled tells of Tabitha Moffat Brown and how she came to be named by the Oregon legislature “the Mother of Oregon” after journeying from Missouri in her 60’s. Light in the Wilderness features Letitia, a free black woman, journeying to Oregon where she encountered more obstacles to overcome in fighting for her rights. It is an amazing story.

Memory Weaver tells the life of Eliza Spalding, survivor of the Whitman Massacre, who went on to travel all over Oregon and Washington. She was a strong woman who overcame trauma and lived a full life, she married a man determined to chart his own course. He was also a man able to understand the strength of his wife, perhaps even a bit more than she understood herself.

Daughter’s Walk is about a Elga and Clara Estby, a mother and daughter who walked from Spokane Washington to New York in 1896 in a bid to win a prize and save the family farm.


Event date: 

Saturday, September 5, 2020 - 5:00pm to 6:30pm

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Via Zoom
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