Cai Emmons - Weather Woman

Saturday December 14 at 5PM Cai Emmons presents Weather Woman, a modern day novel blending science and fantasy.

Bronwyn Atair grew up poor, the daughter of a single woman living with limited means. Scholarship gave her a chance at MIT studying climate as the protégé of Dr. Diane Fenwick, a straight arrow scientist with an impressive reputation.  The prestigious school never feels like a good fit, the other students (from more privileged backgrounds) ridicule and diminish her, leaving her no doubt that she is an outsider. Uncomfortable and lacking confidence, Bronwyn turns her back on MIT.  Diane is appalled, she sees the attributes Bronwyn doesn’t acknowledge, the intellect, curiosity, and interest in her subject. 

Retreating to a small cabin by a river in New Hampshire, she revels in watching the water flow, having coffee on her porch, taking walks and feeling connected to her surroundings.  Not having to interact with students who constantly strive to make her feel inadequate lifts the academic pressure from her shoulders.

Bronwyn takes a position as the meteorologist at a small station in New Hampshire.  Acquiring with the job a boss who doesn’t give a toss for the more serious implications of weather; he wants a pretty woman, happy talk, and soothed viewers avowing they can get their serious news on the internet, TV is for entertainment. Eventually Bronwyn is even expected to sing!

Living close to the land, being outdoors, observing the sky, something strange starts to happen to Bronwyn, she feels herself becoming one with the elements, entering into communication with them.  She begins to suspect she can alter conditions, change weather.  Then one day she does.  There is no going back, although at first Bronwyn doesn’t realize this, she is gobsmacked by this power, unsure what it means.  Of course the word gets out, and that introduces us to our next character.

Matt works for a sleazy tabloid paper trying to pay off his student debts.  When his boss hears of Bronwyn, he sends Matt to write a story.  Arriving at the station, he is mesmerized when the petite woman with the blazing red hair sings Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire.  Quickly he is smitten, and realizes there is more to Bronwyn than some tabloid tale.

Bronwyn doesn’t want to go public, doesn’t want to be a media spectacle.  Unsure where to get advice, who to tell, what to do with this power, she turns to her childhood idol, legendary weatherman Vince Charmichael in Kansas, right in the path of Tornado alley.  As her powers grow and she struggles to understand how best to use them; fires rage in California, beckoning her onward.  There are consequences to her interventions, serious consequences. Unsure and conflicted, Bronwyn reunites with Diane. The story reaches a dramatic conclusion in the methane fields of Siberia. 

Ultimately this is not only a story about science, the danger of harming the planet we call home, and a woman with an amazing power.  It is also the story of a young woman coming into her own, the power of friendship, and the integrity to stand up for beliefs.

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Saturday, December 15, 2018 - 5:00pm to 6:30pm

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57100 Beaver Drive
Sunriver Village Building 25
Sunriver, OR 97707
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ISBN: 9781597096003
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Published: Red Hen Press - October 9th, 2018