Arlene Sachitano - A Quilt of a Different Color

August 7 Sunriver will again be festooned with colorful quilts during Sunriver’s annual quilt show.  After you have enjoyed viewing the beautifully crafted quilts, the fun continues at Sunriver Books & Music at 5:00 PM with Arlene Sachitano’s presentation (for vaccinated attendees)  of her latest in her Pacific Northwestern quilting mystery series, A Quilt of A Different Color.  This year’s entry has an equestrian connection too. 

The books are being printed, so I have not read the story yet and am looking forward to reading it.  Arlene Sachitano kindly wrote this synopsis of her plot.

The new year is unusually cold in Foggy Point, Washington. As a result, the new manager of the equestrian center asks Harriet Truman and her quilt group The Loose Threads to make a special type of saddle blanket designed to keep a horse’s kidneys warm while they are ridden in the cold.

As Harriet and Jenny’s foster kids board their horses there, the Threads agree. They soon find themselves getting more involved at the stable, volunteering for the equine therapy program the local homeless veterans participate in.

The quilters quickly discover that the wheelchair bound husband of the new stable manager, Simon, not only teaches children to ride, but he gropes them every chance he gets.

The local homeless veterans are invited to participate in a horse therapy program at the stable and the quilters volunteer to help. It quickly becomes clear that one of the veterans has a past history with Simon and it isn’t a good one.

Tension at the stables is rising, as Simon’s behavior continues to offend. Harriet and the Threads decide to spend more time observing riding classes, preventing Simon from having time alone with the female students. Their guard duty comes to an end almost before it begins when someone puts a more permanent end to Simon’s bad behavior. More than one person had reason to wish him dead, but who did the deed?

Event date: 

Saturday, August 7, 2021 - 5:00pm to 6:00pm

Event address: 

57100 Beaver Drive
Sunriver Village Building 25
Sunriver, OR 97707