Knots: The Best Complete Guide to Make A Perfect Knot For All Situations (Paperback)

Knots: The Best Complete Guide to Make A Perfect Knot For All Situations By Aaron Stewart Cover Image
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Do your customers want to learn how to tie knots they can use in fishing, camping, farming, farming, and more?Do you want to make sure that by buying just one book they will come back to buy again and again?Then, You Need This Book in Your Library and... Your Customers Will Never Stop to Use and Gift It


Sometimes there are things around us that are so common but they fail to catch our attention. Even the common/simple things have the most complex process behind them. Knot is a type of cordage complexity that can be functional, aesthetic or both. Effective knots, such as bends, Splices, loop twists, and hitches, are classed according to their function.

A knot can also refer to the stopper and knob just at the rope's end that prevents it from passing through grommets or eyes in the strictest sense. Knots have piqued attention since antiquity, both for their practical applications and as a subject of study in knot theory, a branch of mathematics.

After reading this book they'll know:

  • Where did the knot concept came from?
  • What are the Different kinds of knots?
  • What knot has what funcation?
  • How knots maintain the funcation of weight?

Whatever knotted circumstance one finds himself in, from outside your very own backyard, up in the mountains or even across seas, this book will guide them from rookie to skilled rope layer.

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ISBN: 9781803062129
ISBN-10: 1803062126
Publisher: Aaron Stewart
Publication Date: December 10th, 2021
Pages: 86
Language: English