Daniel Stih's Rock Climbing in Zion National Park (Hardcover)

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An invaluable resource for climbers, as well as non-climbers who have a desire to experience adventure on the big and remote mountains in Zion National Park.

This is a one-of-a-kind guidebook provides information on rock climbs in Zion National Park that are not found in any other guidebook or on the internet. These climbs are unique to those the author established during his thirty years of exploring the park. As of publication, some of these mountains have not seen a second ascent.

In more than 500 photographs and 40 maps and drawings, Daniel Stih shares details on how he discovered and climbed these peaks. Each climb (chapter) contains a history of the mountain and previous attempts to climb it, how to get to it, where water might (and might not) be found, the equipment required, number of days it might take, cautions and special difficulties, the best time of year to attempt it, how to get down from the top, and alternate routes to get back to civilization if it becomes necessary.

Daniel begins by sharing stories of the climbs he did when he first started climbing in Zion, and how he progressed from doing the standard trade routes to finding difficult routes on mountains that had not been climbed before. He generously provides suggestions for future climbers as to where potential new routes might be found.

This book is recommended for experienced climbers looking for information on climbs that are not in existing guidebooks. For those who do not climb, this book is recommended for those who will be entertained and inspired by the short stories that accompany each of the climbs.

Contains valuable pointers on gear, safety, and environmental awareness.

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ISBN: 9781736585610
ISBN-10: 1736585614
Publisher: Liner Notes
Publication Date: May 31st, 2022
Pages: 516
Language: English