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How should an honorable man confront evil. Should he ignore it, with the excuse that it is not his responsibility? Should he ally himself with the evil, because that's where the "smart money" is? Or should he take up arms against it and fight it with all his strength and without regard for personal consequences, even if he must fight it alone.

Oscar Yeager, a former combat pilot in Vietnam and now a comfortable yuppie working as a Defense Department consultant in the Virginia suburbs of the nation's capital, faces this choice. He surveys the decadence around him, he sees it growing and he realizes where it will lead if it's not confronted, checked and extinguished. He finds that for him it really is no choice at all: he is compelled to fight the evil which afflicts his America; his conscious will not let him ignore it, and joining it is inconceivable. He declares war on the corrupt politicians and the scheming masters of the media who are the principle architects of the destruction, and the spiritual decay which has led his fellow citizens to tolerate it.

Like the author's other book, The Turner Diaries, it is an appeal to ordinary American's to take responsibility for what is happening to their country and their world; it is an appeal for them to change course before the nightmare scenarios that are explored in words on its pages become reality. Since first appearing, America has not changed course, and so now the message of Hunter is more important than ever

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ISBN: 9781733648158
ISBN-10: 1733648151
Publisher: National Alliance
Publication Date: August 7th, 2019
Pages: 266
Language: English