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Owen’s Daughter by Jo-Ann Mapson takes place a decade after Blue Rodeo.  Skye Elliott had big dreams as a teen, she was a gifted equestrian with plans to go to college and become a veterinarian.  The implosion of her parent’s marriage, absence of her father, and being left on her own far too soon led to some inevitably bad choices.  Falling for a Rodeo Bull Rider, letting him introduce her to the party scene where she acquired a taste for drugs, and having a child when she was really just a child herself, all led to abandoning dreams of that bright future.  Driving under the influence and being involved in an accident was followed by a stint in jail and her ex-husband gaining custody of their daughter Gracie. On release, Skye’s only goal is to find her daughter and regain custody; she is determined to do a better job raising her child than her parents, despite her rocky start. Owen hasn’t seen his daughter in ten years, his life has been in turmoil too, he is trying to make amends for the wrong he has done to others, among them his daughter Skye, and a beautiful long legged redhead, Margaret.  Father and daughter will set out on horseback to find forgiveness and redemption.  Along the way they will have to deal with Margaret’s son Peter, regain Gracie, and mend the errors of their past.


— Deon Stonehouse


Winner of New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards (2014) in Fiction (other) and Best Book/New Mexico categories

Skye Elliot is given a choice after her car accident—jail or rehab—and her ex-husband, a bull rider who introduced her to the party scene, gets custody of their four-year-old daughter Gracie. It takes Skye eight months to get clean, but the day she is released, she has one plan: to be a good mother—better, at least, than Skye's own selfish mother and absent dad.

Owen Garret hasn't seen his daughter in ten years. He, too, needs to make amends. Newly out of prison, he picks her up from rehab and together they set off to find Gracie, and to forge a relationship that transcends the hurt and anger that have brewed between them for almost a decade. In the meantime, they find Margaret Yearwood, too—Owen's lost love whom he left when he turned himself in for a long-ago crime.
Owen's Daughter is a stand-alone novel that brings back characters from Mapson's treasured novel Blue Rodeo, and introduces them to the beloved cast of Solomon's Oak and Finding Casey. With its father-daughter story and characters who overcome personal failings against great odds, Owen's Daughter is a story of love and family that will enchant Mapson fans both old and new.

About the Author

Jo-Ann Mapson is the author of eleven previous novels, including the beloved Finding Casey, Solomon's Oak, Hank & Chloe, Blue Rodeo (CBS TV movie), and the Los Angeles Times bestsellers The Wilder Sisters and Bad Girl Creek. She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with her husband and their four dogs. www.joannmapson.com

Praise For…

“Jo-Ann Mapson specializes in life's lost-and-found, stories of broken hearts, broken people, broken families - but never without the hope of being made whole. Owen's Daughter may be her best work so far, for it's about a grown child who has gone wrong, and done wrong, very wrong, but who learns that in order to be forgiven, she has to forgive. Again, Jo-Ann Mapson proves that she is the heart of the West.” —Jacquelyn Mitchard, bestselling author of The Deep End of the Ocean

“I love Jo-Ann Mapson's voice, She speaks with a plain beautiful truth and tells a story that breaks your heart with its simplicity of expression and complexity of feeling. Owen's Daughter may be her very best novel yet, a pleasure from first page to last.” —Mark Childress, bestselling author of Georgia Bottoms and Crazy in Alabama

Owen's Daughter by Jo-Ann Mapson isn't a book; it's a destination, people with old friends and intriguing strangers. The story is so full of truth and life that you want to dig your feels in and refuse to leave.” —Judith Ryan Hendricks, bestselling author of Bread Alone

“Reuniting cherished characters from Solomon's Oak (2010) and Finding Casey (2012), Mapson introduces yet another fetching cast of fragile yet resilient personalities who warmly work their ways into readers' hearts.” —Booklist

“Moving . . . Mapson delves deeply into the messy, complex relationships between [characters], while rendering the New Mexico landscape so beautifully that it emerges as an additional member of the cast. She has a particularly strong feel for human-animal bonds, creating four-legged (and in one unfortunate case, three-legged) characters that are as distinctive as the human variety.” —Publishers Weekly

“Mapson performs certain kinds of literary acrobatics with this stand-alone novel . . . The intersection of lives and families is revelatory and a catalyst for hope and healing. Longtime fans of Mapson will be delighted to see their favorite characters meet; readers of Jodi Picoult and Anita Shreve would be well rewarded. Mapson does an incredible job of bringing together beloved characters from past novels without leaving newcomers in the cold.” —Library Journal

“The beauty of Owen's Daughter, the 12th and latest novel by Santa Fe's own Jo-Ann Mapson, is the realistic pathos of the human condition experienced by characters who could live right next door. If you're human, you can't help but relate to it. What could be more suspenseful than parent-child relationships, life-changing health conditions, fragile or broken love connections, and the steep climb out of the abyss of addiction? These travails, set against a Santa Fe backdrop so vivid that the city becomes a mood instead of a star on a map, besiege characters so rich and well developed that the reader can visualize each one.” —The Santa Fe New Mexican

“Mapson has provided a series of glimpses of a quirky, damaged, always-interesting community in the old part of Santa Fe . . . [She] writes women lovingly and complexly.” —San Francisco Book Review

“[Santa Fe] and the New Mexico landscape are as vividly written as the many characters. Artists are everywhere; the winds bring grit and the scent of piñon and sage. Mapson integrates the many cultures, galleries, and gourmet markets with a sense of history that runs like a current just below modern life . . . A story that will appeal to those interested in exploring the bonds of people to family, animals, and the land, as well as to those who enjoy a love story.” —New Mexico Magazine

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Publisher: Bloomsbury USA
Publication Date: July 15th, 2014
Pages: 352
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