Music Law: How to Run Your Band's Business (Paperback)

Music Law: How to Run Your Band's Business By Richard Stim Cover Image
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How to make your band a huge business success

Whether you're recording an album, budgeting a tour, or insuring your vintage guitar, you need solid information to make the right legal and business choices.

Music Law is the all-in-one guide you need. Written by musician and lawyer Rich Stim, it explains everything you need to:

  • write a partnership agreement
  • buy, insure, and maintain equipment
  • use samples and do covers
  • register your band's name
  • sell and license your music
  • get royalties for streaming and downloads
  • deal with taxes and deductions
  • find the right manager and write a fair contract
  • get gigs and get paid
  • protect your copyright legally
  • deal with legal issues in the recording studio, and
  • understand record contracts.

The 10th edition examines some of the money-making strategies developed by musicians during the global pandemic and how these strategies -- Veeps concerts, social media events, virtual music lessons, etc. -- can be applied in a post-pandemic world. This edition also includes new music legislation (Music Modernization Act) and new caselaw regarding Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, The Everly Brothers, Led Zeppelin, Woody Guthrie, Biggie Smalls, and Third Eye Blind.

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