Molly: The True Story of the Amazing Dog Who Rescues Cats (Hardcover)

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Cats and Dogs come together in this heartwarming story about a Cocker Spaniel with a lot of attitude who specializes in finding cats.  Colin was a respected police detective and then opened a private detective agency, but his love of animals compelled him to try something new, to help people find their lost pets with the aid of a dog trained to sniff out their whereabouts.  Molly loves her job, she is enthusiastic, friendly and has reunited many a person with their beloved animal.  Pets are members of the family, many people share their homes with an animal that is dear to them, giving companionship and love.  There are studies showing the health benefits of having a cat or dog.  It is devastating when a pet goes missing. There were skeptics of Colin’s plan to train a dog to track cats, but he persevered and Molly excelled.  Molly and Colin come to the rescue!  

— Deon Stonehouse


Molly: The True Story of the Amazing Dog Who Rescues Cats tells the heartwarming story of the man-and-dog team behind the United Kingdom Pet Detective Agency—how Colin, in need of a new lease on life, rescues Molly the dog, and how Molly in turn rescues many more beloved lost pets.
As a veteran of the Royal Navy and longtime police officer, Colin Butcher was no stranger to dangerous situations. But a career in uniform can wear anyone down, so, in 2003, Colin left the force to start his own private detective agency, specializing in helping reunite people with their missing pets. And yet, despite his hundreds of successes, there were still heartbreaking cases where Colin couldn’t find the missing on his own. He knew he needed a partner.

When Colin first met Molly, his friends doubted that she would be up for the job. Where Colin was battle-tested, Molly was young and inexperienced. She was willful, wayward, and stubborn. But Colin could tell that Molly was unusually charismatic and intelligent. He decided to take a risk and bring on Molly for training.

Yes, Molly is no ordinary deputy, but a black Cocker Spaniel, and this is no ordinary detective agency. Trained by the top canine behavioral experts at Medical Detection Dogs, Molly can find missing cats—who are uniquely skilled at eluding humans—by detecting a unique scent signature, and she has been wildly successful.

The work is not always easy. Molly has faced hardships ranging from a near-fatal snakebite to the challenge of winning over Colin’s girlfriend, Sarah. But through it all, Colin and Molly share an enduring love and affection. More than a working relationship, Molly is part of the family. Together, they are the Sherlock and Watson of missing pets.

About the Author

Colin Butcher is the Company Director and Chief Investigator of the UKPD. Previously a Detective Inspector in Surrey Police, and a veteran of the Royal Navy, Colin was awarded a prestigious Chief Constables Commendation for his contributions to the advancement of the Criminal Investigation Department. He has been recovering stolen and missing pets for over twenty years and has a wealth of experience in the investigation of pet crime. His first successful assignment was back in 1994 when, serving as a Detective Sergeant with Surrey Police, he recovered two German Shepherd puppies stolen from a breeder’s kennels. Molly: The True Story of the Amazing Dog Who Rescues Cats is his first book.
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ISBN: 9781250204776
ISBN-10: 1250204771
Publisher: Celadon Books
Publication Date: October 8th, 2019
Pages: 304