Loving Edie: How a Dog Afraid of Everything Taught Me to Be Brave (Hardcover)

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Meredith’s life was enriched by a series of fun-loving Golden Retrievers.  After Stella died, Meredith was bereft, soon lobbying Jenn to get a puppy.  But although Jenn had loved Stella too, she was not a “dog person” and thought life was fine the way it was, dogless. Jenn is a cop and Meredith a journalist, they had busy careers and a happy private life, she thought that was enough.    It took a while but once Jenn was persuaded, Meredith wasted no time in contacting a breeder about a little girl Golden Retriever.  Edie joined their family. 

The arrival of a puppy is a joyous time.  They are so filled with curiosity, play, and cuddliness.  Those first years should be magic.  But it wasn’t.  Edie was an anxious puppy and then young dog.  Not just garden variety anxious, but capitol letter full blazing fit anxious.  New people scared her.  Noises frightened her.  Anything sudden could kick in her flee response setting off a full out stampede, with her humans frantically trying to catch her before anything tragic happens.  Edie’s meltdowns were dramatic, huge, total panic.  In a big dog, that can be dangerous for all concerned, most of all the dog.

Edie will not be a well-adjusted, easy to get along with dog. Merideth and Jenn try many ways to achieve some semblance of normal.  Ultimately recognizing they will have to meet Edie on her own terms, doing the best she can. It is the story of their struggle, their despair, and ultimately of the strength of their bond to Edie, a dog who wrestles with her demons and still shows joy.

I can relate.  My life has been graced by wonderful dogs.  They made every day special.  Flashman was my constant companion, with me every day in the bookstore, delighted to greet all people and animals who entered.  His last two years were a struggle with illness and pain, he had a courageous determination to make the best of every day.  It broke my heart to see him hurt, devastated me when he passed. 

For years I just couldn’t face the prospect of a sick dog, I didn’t want to go through that pain again.  But I missed having a dog in my life tremendously and we thought a puppy would at least be healthy.  In January 2020 Kipling, a German Shepherd puppy (the breed I grew up} with) joined our family. Kipling was sick, from the get go, for most of her first two years.  She has a genetic disease, it is incurable but thankfully treatable, she will be on medication the rest of her life, without it she would die. 

When Kipling was 4 months old, just a cuddly bundle of fur, she was attacked by a huge male Golden Retriever.  We were walking on the bike trail past a house on the corner of Duck Pond when the dog charged out of the night, leaping onto Kipling’s back, clamping it’s jaws around her throat. It took two of us to get the large dog off of her. Her spine was damaged in the attack, her confidence in a world where other dogs were possible playmates gone.

Until Kipling, all of my dogs enjoyed the company of their species.  Kipling is the first with issues against other dogs.  This means we cannot take Kipling hiking for fear of a loose dog running up to her, we cannot walk her down a city sidewalk for the eruption of furious barking at any other dog. we cannot sit outside at pubs, and we cannot travel with her. All things my dogs enjoyed.  All part of normal life.  But not for Kipling. We are working with a good trainer, and maybe Kipling will succeed in facing her demons.

So I understand Meredith and Jenn’s sadness at not being able to enjoy all of those normal things, at having a dog that made every outing something that has to be carefully navigated and still may go off the rails.  Dog lovers will enjoy the story and applaud their bond with Edie!

— Deon Stonehouse


From the author of The Honey Bus comes a wild and emotional memoir of family and self-discovery, featuring a lovable golden retriever named Edie

Meredith May had a difficult childhood, with a mother who was physically present but emotionally absent. She learned early on to fend for herself, and never had to care for anyone else. When she and her wife, Jenn, adopt Edie, a sweet golden retriever puppy with saucer brown eyes and buttery white fur, Edie wins their hearts immediately. But it isn't long after Edie joins the family that the problems begin.

Edie is an unusually anxious dog. She cowers around most people and the slightest noise sends her into a frenzy. Edie's fears become so intense that Meredith and Jenn can't leave the house. Is this normal puppy behavior or something more? Meredith grows determined to fix Edie, but what will she do if Edie can't be fixed?

In this poignant and heartfelt memoir, Meredith shares her unforgettable journey with Edie, and the lessons about selflessness and unconditional love that she learns along the way. From treating Edie with CBD gummies to visiting a dog medium, Meredith shows just how far she is willing to go to save her dog. But maybe Edie is secretly the one doing the saving--if Meredith will only open her heart.
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ISBN: 9780778312024
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Publisher: Park Row
Publication Date: April 19th, 2022
Pages: 304
Language: English