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The story of a young man, Eugene Gant, from a large dysfunctional family in Altamont North Carolina (a fictional Asheville), the novel is largely autobiographical, sharing many similarities with the life of its creator.  Wolfe’s rich, robust language is a pleasure to read.  The story begins with Eugene’s ancestors; his grandfather who settled in Pennsylvania, his father learned stonecutting and moved south, settling in North Carolina where he became something of a rambling drunk capable of delivering inventive soliloquies and a town character.  Eugene’s arrival on the scene is not lacking in drama.  The child is adored and soon begins having adventures.  What drives this novel is a love of language, words used beautifully.  It is also a brave coming of age story, Eugene’s quest for independence and resolution as he chooses which path he will walk in life. 

— Deon Stonehouse


"Look Homeward, Angel" is an elaborate and moving

coming-of-age story about Eugene Gant, a restless and

energetic character whose passion to experience life takes him

from his small, rural hometown in North Carolina to

Harvard University and the city of Boston. The novel's

pattern is artfully simple -- a small town, a large family,

high school and college -- yet the characters are

monumental in their graphic individuality

and personality.

Through his rich, ornate prose, Wolfe evokes the

extraordinarily vivid family of the Gants, and with

equal detail, the remarkable peculiarities of small-town

life and the pain and upheaval of a boy who must leave

both. A classic work of American literature, Look

Homeward, Angel is a passionate, stirring, and

unforgettable novel.

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ISBN: 9780684804439
Publisher: Scribner
Publication Date: October 1995
Pages: 544