Love More, Fight Less: Communication Skills Every Couple Needs: A Relationship Workbook for Couples (Paperback)

Love More, Fight Less: Communication Skills Every Couple Needs: A Relationship Workbook for Couples By Gina Senarighi, PhD, CPC Cover Image
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Learn to communicate effectively, meaningfully, and lovingly with your partner--even in tense situations.

Conflict is part of every relationship, even the healthiest ones. The key to a long-lasting relationship isn't avoiding fights, but rather seeing them as opportunities to work together. In her book, Gottman-certified relationship coach Dr. Gina Senarighi gives us the tools and strategies we need to communicate effectively, rebuild trust, and repair past hurts.

Love More, Fight Less features:
  • 30 COMMUNICATION SKILLS AND ACTIVITIES for building self-awareness, identifying and interrupting emotional reactivity, eliminating judgment, separating thoughts from feelings, and more
  • 29 COMMON PITFALLS IN RELATIONSHIPS around issues of intimacy, career, finances, family and home matters, and friendships with other people--and how to navigate them
  • STEP-BY-STEP GUIDANCE AND EXPERT INSIGHT to help you transform your relationship's conflict patterns by integrating effective communication skills

  • This relationship workbook is for couples who want to learn new skills and build a solid foundation for working through conflicts and moving forward in ways that strengthen their bonds.

    About the Author

    Gina Senarighi, PhD, CPC is an author, teacher, sexuality counselor and certified relationship coach. She's been supporting clean fights and dirty sex in happy, healthy relationships as an educator, coach, consultant and couples therapist for over ten years.

    Praise For…

    "Gina is skilled at offering practical information with warmth and compassion. She's taken a large topic and broken it down into easy-to-understand steps and practices that you can apply to your own life right now. Love More, Fight Less is an essential resource for anyone wanting deeper connection (and less conflict) in their relationship." —Julie Jeske, LMFT, Cohost of Swoon Podcast

    "Hands down, this is the most accessible book I’ve come across for anyone in a relationship that wants to improve their communication. Perfect for new relationships that want to build trust and excellent for older relationships that want to deepen connectivity. If you ever wanted a relationship expert to hold your hand through difficult conversations with your partner, this book is a must-buy. It’s a treasure trove of easy-to-implement activities and conversations that we all should have learned in high school." —Jeff Guenther, LPC, TherapyDen

    "I've enjoyed using this resource with clients in my couples counseling practice. The activities for building trust are really helpful, and I absolutely love the fact that this book talks about consent to speak and listen before even getting to sex. I hope to use Love More, Fight Less as a text in my classroom this fall." —Catherine Nyhan, LPC Counseling Supervisor at Portland State University
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