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Land of Wolves has Sheriff Walt Longmire back in Wyoming, licking his wounds from the cataclysmic events that took place in Mexico in Depth of Winter.  Knowing Walt, his staff have a pool going, betting not on if he is going to do something he shouldn’t and hurt himself further, but when it is going to happen.  For Walt the words “protect and defend” have bone deep meaning. It isn’t “protect and defend” if it is safe, or if the risk low, or if you feel up to it.  For Walt it is whenever the need arises, whenever someone is in trouble or about to cause trouble.  He will put himself in harm’s way to save another.  Cops like Walt are the true heroes.

A sheep has perished, the prime suspect is a wolf who has made his way to the Bighorn Mountains. Don Butler, the County Brand Inspector, and Chuck Coon with the National Forest Services think the solution is simple, send men with guns to kill the wolf.  Walt finds that a rush to judgement, and Vic, of course, is on the side of the Wolf.  A way farther on, they find the body of a dead shepherd.  That complicates things to a whole new level.  Worse yet, the sheep herder is in the employ of Abarrane Extepare, son of Beltran Extepare, the man who shot off former Sheriff Lucian Connolly’s leg.  Memories and grudges have a long shelf life in the Basque community.  Walt soon has lots of irons in the fire; a dead shepherd, a powerful Basque family with more than a passing acquaintance with firearms, the community in an uproar over the Wolf, most wanting to shoot it and a conservationist intent on saving the animal.  But the predator to be after, is not the four-legged variety, Walt’s focus is on the evil that men do. This is a great entry in the Longmire series!   

— Deon Stonehouse


The new novel in Craig Johnson's beloved New York Times bestselling Longmire series.

Attempting to recover from his harrowing experiences in Mexico, in Land of Wolves Wyoming Sheriff Walt Longmire is neck deep in the investigation of what could or could not be the suicidal hanging of a shepherd. With unsettling connections to a Basque family with a reputation for removing the legs of Absaroka County sheriffs, matters become even more complicated with the appearance of an oversize wolf in the Big Horn Mountains to which Walt finds himself feeling more and more empathetic.

About the Author

Craig Johnson is the New York Times bestselling author of thirteen full-length novels in the Longmire mystery series, as well as three works of short fiction featuring the beloved sheriff. His acclaimed books have won the Western Writers of America's Spur Award, the Will Rogers Medallion Award for fiction, the Watson Award for a mystery novel with the best sidekick, and the Wyoming Historical Association's Book of the Year award. They have been named best books of the year by Publishers Weekly and Library Journal. Spirit of Steamboat was chosen as the first One Book Wyoming selection. The series has been adapted for television by Warner Bros. as the hit show Longmire, now an original program on Netflix. Johnson lives in Ucross, Wyoming, population twenty-five.

Praise For…

Praise for Land of Wolves

“Witty dialogue, an endearing lead, and distinctive supporting characters all add up to a winner.”
Publishers Weekly

Praise for Craig Johnson and the Longmire series

“Like the greatest crime novelists, Johnson is a student of human nature. Walt Longmire is strong but fallible, a man whose devil-may-care stoicism masks a heightened sensitivity to the horrors he’s witnessed.”
Los Angeles Times

“Johnson’s trademarks [are] great characters, witty banter, serious sleuthing, and a love of Wyoming bigger than a stack of derelict cars.”
—The Boston Globe

“Stepping into Walt’s world is like slipping on a favorite pair of slippers, and it’s where those slippers lead that provides a thrill. Johnson pens a series that should become a ‘must’ read, so curl up, get comfortable, and enjoy the ride.”
—The Denver Post 

“Johnson’s hero only gets better—both at solving cases and at hooking readers—with age.”
Publishers Weekly
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Publication Date: September 17th, 2019
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