Spirit of Steamboat: A Longmire Story (A Longmire Mystery) (Paperback)

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Christmas is a time of tradition and reflection, of feeling thankful for what life grants.  Sheriff Walt Longmire’s holiday ritual is re-reading Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.   It looks to be a lonesome holiday for Walt and Dog this year, Cady is nesting in Philly, Henry Standing Bear has a new lady friend, and Vic is in Belize.  The holiday is shaping up to be Walt, Dog, the former Sheriff Lucian Connolly and a chessboard.   Ruby alerts Walt to the presence of a dark haired woman needing to see him.  She has something to deliver to Lucian. 

Her visit transports Walt and Lucian back to 1988 when a horrific accident left a little girl hanging onto life by a thread.  Wyoming is under siege by one of those maelstroms of snow and wind that come along about once a century just to reassure you how feisty Mother Nature can be. The medevac helicopter cannot make it to Denver.  None of the light planes at the small airport have a chance against the ferocity of the wind.  There is one plane, a dinosaur from WWII, with the speed, power, and heft to fight out in the storm. But no pilot is able to fly the old bomber, except former Sheriff Lucian Connolly, the Doolittle Raider is intimately acquainted with the craft but it has been a while since he bailed out over the China Sea back in the big war.  So as the story opens Walt, Lucian and Doc are preparing to fly a relic into the storm of the century in an attempt to save the life of a young burn victim.  Long odds on success and a pretty good chance of being scattered all over the Wyoming landscape.  Long odds indeed.  Walt, Lucian, and Doc are men made to eat up such odds.  Walt’s reply “…it’s a question of what you have to do, what you have to live with if you don’t.”   

Followers of Craig Johnson’s Walt Longmire series will enjoy meeting Walt in his first year as Sheriff and a younger Lucian Connolly.  This book stands on its own, destined to be a holiday favorite. 

— Deon Stonehouse


A Christmas novella for fans of the hit drama series LONGMIRE now on Netflix and the New York Times–bestselling series. 

Craig Johnson's new novel, The Western Star, will be available from Viking in Fall 2017.

Sheriff Walt Longmire is in his office reading A Christmas Carol when he is interrupted by a ghost of Christmas past: a young woman with a hairline scar and more than a few questions about his predecessor, Lucian Connally. With his daughter Cady and undersherrif Moretti otherwise engaged, Walt’s on his own this Christmas Eve, so he agrees to help her.

At the Durant Home for Assisted Living, Lucian is several tumblers into his Pappy Van Winkle’s and swears he’s never clapped eyes on the woman before. Disappointed, she whispers “Steamboat” and begins a story that takes them all back to Christmas Eve 1988—a story that will thrill and delight the bestselling series’ devoted fans.

About the Author

Craig Johnson is the New York Times bestselling author of the Longmire mysteries, the basis for the hit Netflix original series Longmire. He is the recipient of the Western Writers of America Spur Award for fiction, the Mountains and Plains Booksellers Award for fiction, the Nouvel Observateur Prix du Roman Noir, and the Prix SNCF du Polar. His novella Spirit of Steamboat was the first One Book Wyoming selection. He lives in Ucross, Wyoming, population twenty-five.

Praise For…

Praise for Spirit of Steamboat

“A nail-biter.”—Publishers Weekly

“Johnson is a born storyteller, and he spins this old-fashioned adventure tale deftly….An extremely pleasant present for fans of this popular series.”—Booklist

“A suspenseful adventure story….Series fans along with adventure and Western readers will raptly devour the details.”—Library Journal

“Like flint to stone, the sparks fly and the humour is brilliant and barbed. . .”—Fresh Fiction


Praise for Craig Johnson and the Longmire Series:

“Like the greatest crime novelists, Johnson is a student of human nature. Walt Longmire is strong but fallible, a man whose devil-may-care stoicism masks a heightened sensitivity to the horrors he’s witnessed. Unlike traditional genre novelists who obsess mainly over every hairpin plot turn, Johnson’s books are also preoccupied with the mystery of his characters’ psyches.”—Los Angeles Times

“Johnson knows the territory, both fictive and geographical, and tells us about it in prose that crackles.”—Robert B. Parker

“The characters talk straight from the hip and the Wyoming landscape is its own kind of eloquence.”—The New York Times

“[Walt Longmire] is an easy man to like…Johnson evokes the rugged landscape with reverential prose, lending a heady atmosphere to his story.”—The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Stepping into Walt’s world is like slipping on a favorite pair of slippers, and it’s where those slippers lead that provides a thrill. Johnson pens a series that should become a ‘must’ read, so curl up, get comfortable, and enjoy the ride.”—The Denver Post

“A winning piece of work…There’s a convincing feel to the whole package: a sense that you’re viewing this territory through the eyes of someone who knows it as adoring lover and skeptical onlooker at the same time.”—The Washington Post

“Johnson’s pacing is tight and his dialogue snaps.”—Entertainment Weekly

“Truly great. Reading Craig Johnson is a treat…[He] tells great stories, casts wonderful characters and writes in a style that compels the reader forward.”—Wyoming Tribune Eagle
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ISBN: 9780143125877
ISBN-10: 0143125877
Publisher: Penguin Books
Publication Date: October 22nd, 2014
Pages: 176
Language: English
Series: A Longmire Mystery