Violent Crimes: An Amanda Jaffe Novel (Amanda Jaffe Series) (Hardcover)

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Amanda Jaffe has it together.  Tall, athletic, an attractive woman, with a keen intellect, she is an attorney with Jaffe, Katz, Lehane, and Brindisi, a Portland Oregon firm where her father is senior partner. The story opens with a law school chum asking a favor; Christine Larson works the corporate beat with Masterson, Hamilton, Rickman and Thomas.  Tom Beatty, Christine’s paralegal, was arrested for a bar brawl.  While he didn’t start the fight, he certainly finished it leaving the other combatant hospitalized.  Christine would appreciate Amanda’s help in clearing Tom, usually a very kind man.  It all seems rather routine, until of course it is not.  A short while later Christine Larson is found brutally beaten to death. Earlier she was overheard having a heated argument with Dale Masterson, senior partner and the man who controls if she will make partner.  Soon thereafter Dale Masterson is found beaten to death in the den of his huge mansion, his son Brandon seen running away from the crime covered in his father’s blood.  Dale and Brandon were estranged, their world views horribly apart.  Brandon was passionately involved in environmental issues, worried about what we are doing to the planet.  Unfortunately he lacked his father’s charm, was abrasive, demanding, and unwilling to listen to any other views. Dale was athletic, socially engaging, and fond of the comforts of wealth and its attendant symbols, such as his trophy wife, luxurious abode, and fine cars.  Dale financed his lifestyle by representing Big Oil, in his son’s opinion it was blood money.  Brandon is quickly arrested and confesses.  His mother hires Amanda to defend her son for the murder of her ex-husband.  As Amanda delves into the case, it becomes more complicated.  If Brandon didn’t kill Dale Masterson, is his death connected to the murder of Christine Larson?  What ties them together?  On a personal level, Amanda’s relationship with Mike Greene is deepening.  There are complications.  Amanda’s job is keeping people out of jail, Mike is a prosecutor.  His job is putting them in jail. Both occupations require confidentiality. Different philosophies make for interesting dilemmas.

— Deon Stonehouse


In this mesmerizing tale of suspense from New York Times bestselling author Phillip Margolin, attorney Amanda Jaffe—star of Wild Justice, Ties That Bind, Proof Positive, and Fugitive—becomes entangled in a murder case involving Big Oil, an estranged father and son, and the greatest ethical dilemma of her career .

Dale Masterson, senior partner in a large Portland, Oregon, law firm, has become wealthy and successful representing the interests of oil and coal companies. When his colleague, Christine Larson, is found dead, Masterson’s business practices are put under surveillance and a lower-level employee stands accused.

The controversy surrounding the firm is magnified tenfold when Dale is found beaten to death in his mansion. But this time Dale’s son, Brandon, is seen fleeing the scene. A dedicated eco-warrior obsessed with saving the planet, Brandon confesses to killing his father—for revenge, he claims—on behalf of all the people whose lives are being destroyed by his father’s questionable clients.

Veteran lawyer Amanda Jaffe is hired to represent Brandon, but what seems like an open-and-shut case quickly begins to unravel. If Brandon is really innocent—a radical activist determined to martyr himself for his cause—then who viciously murdered Dale Masterson? And what, if any, is the connection between his murder and the murder of Christine Larson? Smart, fierce, and unafraid of the truth even if it puts her in danger, Amanda begins to look deeper. What she finds will force the seasoned legal pro to make the hardest professional decision of her life.

About the Author

Phillip Margolin has written nineteen novels, many of them New York Times bestsellers, including his latest novels Woman with a Gun, Worthy Brown’s Daughter, Sleight of Hand, and the Washington trilogy. Each displays a unique, compelling insider’s view of criminal behavior, which comes from his long background as a criminal defense attorney who has handled thirty murder cases. Winner of the Distinguished Northwest Writer Award, he lives in Portland, Oregon.

Praise For…

“A thriller taking the reader on a gripping journey through a legal minefield, while addressing greed, ethics, psychology, the deepest of human relationships, and truth.”
— Huffington Post

“Phillip Margolin is a talented storyteller. He’s got a silky, deceptively simple style that snakes back around when you least expect it and grabs you.”
New York Journal of Books

“Margolin has once again produced a thought-provoking novel that is likely to keep you up late at night.… Don’t miss it.”

“A master of plot and pacing-and one of those rare authors who can create a genuinely surprising ending.”
— Lisa Scottoline
Product Details
ISBN: 9780062266552
ISBN-10: 0062266551
Publisher: Harper
Publication Date: February 9th, 2016
Pages: 304
Language: English
Series: Amanda Jaffe Series