July 19, 2002 - January 31, 2015

Flashman is our pride and joy; he makes our days happy in Sunriver. Flashman is a busy boy, he is CEO of Sunriver Books & Music. Being a fun loving sort of chap, he likes a wide range of activities. When we lived in Seattle one of his favorite things to do was attend class at Pawsability, we miss Larry and Dana Babbs tremendously. Flashman loves to go for walks, play with his dog friends, run in the National Forest, and play with his toys. He likes most other creatures but has an ongoing feud with porcupine. Faced with a foe that will inflict damage our boy goes "bring it on" and refuses to live in peace with the spiked animals. Thus he has had occasion to visit the vet for quill removal while the porcupine waddles away unscathed