CEO Flashman

July 19, 2002 - January 31, 2015

Flashman was an excellent CEO. He kept a sharp eye on the staff and was happy to greet customers. Flashman's areas of main interest are the animal books, dog toys, collars and dog treats. He insists on personally testing the dog treats to make sure they are tip top. When Flashman was not in the store, he had many interests. Hiking was one of his favorite activities. He enjoyed going to dog classes. Flirting with the girl dogs was high on his priority list. Flashman delighted in playing with his dog pals, especially his girlfriends Lucy and Otter. He had a long standing feud with local porcupine (this works out better for the porcupine than for Flashman). He helped Deon garden (or at least that is his version of gardening time). Playing with dog toys was a big part of his leisure time. In the summer time he looked forward to dining on the patio at dog friendly restaurants.